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Massage Styles Offered

Your massage session will be a blend of treatments tailored for your specific needs. They may include techniques from the following styles: Swedish massage, Reflexology, Myofascial Release, Neurological Release, Healing Touch, Therapeutic Touch, Oriental Hand Massage, Chakra Balancing

30 minute Massage......$50.00
60 minute Massage......$80.00
90 minute Massage......$115.00
120 minute Massage....$160.00

Trigger Point, Sports massage, Deep Tissue

30 minute Massage......$65.00
60 minute Massage......$95.00
90 minute Massage......$130.00

Specialty Massages Offered

"Caldo Sasso" - Italian for hot stone
Warm hands, caldo sassos and oil make this a therapeutic massage. Deep or gentle touch will deliver the heat from the stones deep into the muscle tissue. This massage will have you relaxed for days. 
75 minutes.....$125.00

90 minutes.....$150.00

Couples Massage
A relaxing massage for two given in the same room. 
60 minutes...$185.00

Cranial Sacral
A head and face massage that will relax and calm your mind. This soothing massage will help you think clearer, rest easier, and deal with stress more effectively. This is also great for people with migraine headaches and sinusitis!
60 minutes...$80.00

"The Duet"
Four hands gently glide over your skin relaxing and soothing you into complete euphoria. Two highly trained therapists will simultaneously massage your body with grace and precision. A doubly relaxing experience. 
60 minutes....$185.00

The feet mirror the body. This relaxing massage for your lower extremities is designed to promote health and well-being.
30 minutes.....$60.00

Relaxation Massage
This massage focuses on helping you unwind and relax. It is a stress relieving session designed to promote a feeling of deep relaxation. Please note this is not a pain relief massage as true pain relief can seldom be accomplished in this short of a period.
45 minutes.....$65.00

Nurturing Your Life---Energy Therapy
Energy Therapy is a service provided within Vita’s therapeutic massage. Her clients have benefited from various modalities of energy therapy blended and individualized for those who express feeling scattered and incongruent between thought and behavior. The intention for this type of session enhances a state of calmness, clarity of thinking, feeling grounded, centered, light-hearted and peaceful. Radiant Health invites you to experience a quick refreshing lift for your body, mind, and spirit. Energy Sessions are now available by request via phone conference with Vita
30 minutes.....$50.00

Spa Services Offered

"Back Exfoliation"
Back Exfoliation with our gentle product that is not sugar and not salt. This product will leave your skin feeling refreshed and healthy. A hot towel removes the exfoliant and this session includes a 15 minute back massage with moisturizing lotion.
... $50.00 per session

"Body Sculpting"
This treatment focuses on muscle development, contouring your body and re-educating your tissue. It helps you tone muscles, shed inches, and feel great using electromagnetic therapy. This therapy tones muscles fast. It also helps with cellulite and toxin reduction.

Tone and sculpt your body to a more youthful appearance with our cellulite treatment packages.  
...$150.00 per treated area

"Infra-Red Therapy"
Warm heat treatments designed to benefit arthritis suffers, those with skin issues, scar tissue, muscle pain and joint inflamation. It helps burn calories, relaxes muscles, loosens joints, and detoxifies the body.
... $55.00 per session

"Scalp/Neck/Shoulder Massage"
45 minutes of focus on these problem areas with advanced techniques to lift you into total relaxation.
... $50.00 per session

"The Ultimate Back Experience " 
We will relax you back in style! Starting with a hot towel and warm mud. While you relax and the mud works we'll massage your feet, and give you an incredible back massage. 

"The Ultimate Foot " 
If you have aching, sore feet, this is the treatment for you. We use mud, essential oils, warm towels and massage to relieve your pain. 

Massage Styles | Specialty Massages | Spa Services